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welcome to bunny friends 

a place (predominantly for Melbourne Australia) for bunny owners to get information and be directed to useful sites. if you care, take the time to read and research, you are a bunnyfriend. =:3

please check out the videos page for rabbit care and toilet training information. the links section has hay supply links, information links, local rabbit savvy vets and rabbit adoption links. the documents section and photo section has very useful information that you can print out and post anywhere conveniently. 

some important and handy points to learn and consider: 

bunnies are so cute and adorable but they are big responsibility for somebun so little! they are incredibly intelligent and affectionate creatures who have the capacity for deep emotional bond with humans as well as other bunnies. read on...

please say NO to pet shop baby animals as they often come from profit driven backyard breeders who do not promote responsible pet ownership and desexing/vaxination or proper treatment and care of animals. thousands of animals reside in shelters in need of loving forever homes, and thousands more become homeless everyday because of irresponsible pet ownership and the shops that promote this. a bunny can live 10+ years, and is not a toy for children. please visit the adoption page for more information and links to shelters where you can find adorable adoptable bunnies! 

make sure your bun has a bowl to drink from. bottles are awkard and bunz often cannot get enough water from them. 

vaccinate, microchip and desex your bunny with your local rabbit savvy vet. this helps with litter training, discourage destructive behaviour and can completely rid of any territorial issues such as peeing on everything... including you and your bed! you MUST de-sex/neuter/spay your bunny and vaccinate him/her with a rabbit savvy vet. failure to de-sex your bunny will result in CANCER (females have around 70% chance of developing cancer of the reproductive organs).

bunnies do not respond to punishment. whistle and clap loudly to discourage unwanted behaviours. do not hit your bunny! this will not only be useless towards unwanted behaviour but will make your bunny fear you and you may loose the trust of the rabbit for the rest of his/her life. correct behaviour by rewarding good behaviour and ignoring the bad ones. do not punish by taking away food, hay needs to be supplied unlimited, 24/7 as they need hay constantly moving through the delicate digestive system to survive. please read the gi gut stasis link in the information section for more info. please also visit and read about the deadly virus that has no vaccine, myxomatosis and debilitating e.cuniculi (head tilt) parasite as well as other illnesses and diseases prone to rabbits. if you're really dedicated (and we know you are!), please take advantage of this textbook list for further reading!

he/she must have unlimited oaten hay (80% of their daily diet) and green leafy vegie (limit greens to 2 bowls a day for bunnies younger than 6months). do NOT feed cabbage, broccoli, iceberg lettuce, chocoloate, meat, bread, rabbit mix (these are often filled with wheat and corn products that can make your bunny ill and even be fatal), and no carrots/apples or any fruit until they are 6months of age. you can give a piece of fruit as small as your pinky fingernail once a week until then. please refer to the documents and photo section for feeding tips and print outs.

do NOT bathe your bunny, if its nessasary to wash their bum and/or feet, please fill a shallow container or bath with enough water just to cover their feet and wash that way with a very mild wash and make 100% sure to wash off all residue. bunnies are self cleaning like cats and do not need to be bathed. 

make sure your bunny does NOT live in a cage where it has a metal grid on the bottom. this can cause sores on their feet and broken legs. they need to stand on flat surfaces. better still, don't keep them in a cage at all! 

bunnies do not belong in cages, you can toilet train them. :) you do this by putting recycle paper based or natural fiber kitty litter (do NOT use synthetic or clay based litter as these may become fatal if consumed) into a cat litter pan. fill half of the pan with oaten hay/grass hay (see hay supplier section for more info). bunnies eat and poop at the same time so this is the perfect way to train them. you just put their poop inside the litterbox and use a tissue to soak up any wee from and put this into the litterbox to get their smell in there so they know where to go. be patient. normally it may take a while and most undesexed rabbits are not 100% with toilet trianing. please take a look at the bunny rabbit toilet training video in the videos section

bunny proof your home by either giving your bun a room to themselves, or if you absolutely have to keep them in a cage/hutch it must be large enough to stretch and walk around and they must have at least 5 hours out of the cage each day. they need to stand on flat surfaces. hide/ put out of reach all electrical cords and put jute rugs (from big W etc) or plywood on the corners of carpet. there should also be toys and things to keep them not bored. a bored bun is a destructive bun. please see boingonline and rabbit behaviour information from the links page for more home friendly bunny proofing tips! 

last but not least, please join bunspace and other facebook pages and groups in the social media section if you have any questions about rabbits so to access 24/7 online support from experienced rabbit owners in australia and all over the world. these sites are very active.

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